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Nida 130ST Trainer

Smart Technology and Fast Track Experiment Cards

 The Nida Model 130ST Console functions as the primary platform for electronic experiments performed using Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), Text Based Curriculum (TBC) or ACT connectivity. 



  • Supports automatic, manual, remote, and multiple fault insertion.

  • Built-in and auxiliary connections allow signal input/transfer between card positions.

  • Color touch screen for manual operation mode.

  • Automatic alarm sounds if malfunction is detected and display panel indicates symptom.

  • 3.5mm headphone jack for audio output.

  • The 7-inch display shows selected mode, input signals, and trainer status.

  • Self-cleaning contacts to ensure a proper connection with each experiment card installation.

  • Wifi and Bluetooth available if required (not included).


The Model 130ST Trainer is the most versatile part-task trainer ever developed by Nida Corporation. This trainer

supports all existing Nida legacy experiment cards and all new “Fast Track” experiment cards. The “ST” designator in

the trainer’s name represents an array of Smart Technologies that include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, system monitoring, self-tests,

and user feedback. The “ST” also refers to the intuitive, interactive and versatile relationship between Student and

Teacher. The four-way communication between lesson, student, teacher, and trainer is a uniquely Nida interaction.

The Model 130ST Trainer is designed for use with many training environments including, traditional computer based

training supported by desktop computer systems; exible delivery supported by a student tablet interface; Nida online

eLearning; and stand-alone lab manual instruction. Regardless of instructional method, the Model 130ST Trainer

manages voltages, current, and fault conditions used during investigative and troubleshooting experiments. All experimentation is focused towards live, hands-on use of real test equipment.


Primary Power: 

110-130 VAC 60Hz (0.6A max) or 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz (0.3A max), switched controlled & primary fuse protection.


DC Power Sources:

0 to –15 volts DC with selectable voltages and current up to 1 ampere. 0 to +24 volts DC with selectable voltages and current up to 1 ampere. DC power supply meter ranging from 0 to 25 volts.


AC Power Sources:

Dual 12 VAC at .83A each. Communications Link: Serial or USB computer interface. Display: 7” Full colour touch screen 

Operating Temperature:

50 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit ambient 10 to 40 degrees Celsius ambient.



17.3”W (44cm) 12.6”D (32cm) 4.7”H (12cm) Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)



Formed aluminum base, matte finish overlay with touch screen. 

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