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Radar Processor/Display
(add-on to the Basic Radar Training System)

Radar Processor/Display - 8097-2

Radar Processor/Display

The Radar Processor/Display is used in conjunction with the Basic Radar Training System to form a complete and modern pulse radar system. The Radar Processor/Display adds the following elements to the Basic Radar Training System: radar echo signal processing functions, PPI display functions, on-screen block diagrams of the complete radar and radar processor/display subsystem, and computer-based (i.e., on-screen) instruments (oscilloscope and data monitoring system). Two major types of radar echo signal processing function are available: Moving Target Indication (MTI) and Moving Target Detection (MTD). The Radar Processor/Display also provides computer-controlled generation of clutter and interference to allow study of the MTI processing function. The following types of clutter and interference can be generated: sea clutter, rain clutter, second-trace echo, noise, and pulse interference.

List of equipment

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises (Purchased separately)

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