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Radar Phase-Coded Pulse Compression Training System (add-on to the Radar Processor/Display)

Radar Phase-Coded Pulse Compression Training System - 8097-C

Phase-Coded Pulse Compression Radar Training System

Radar Pulse Compression is a signal processing technique used to increase the range resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of any pulse radar. The design of a radar is usually a question of compromise. In many cases, a trade-off must be made between desirable characteristics. For only a modest increase in cost and complexity, pulse compression improves the range resolution without sacrificing the signal-to-noise ratio. This is why all modern radars use pulse compression.

The Phase-Coded Pulse Compression System is an add-on to the Basic Radar and Radar Processor/Display Training Systems.

* WARNING: This equipment is subject to export control. Please contact your sales representative to know if this product can be imported in your region.

Features & Benefits

  • FPGA-based signal processing.

  • Seamless integration with the Series Radar Training System.

  • User-configurable Pulse Compression Processors for wide topic coverage.

  • Multiple test-points for complete learning experience.

  • Turnkey solution, including high quality student and instructor manuals.

Topic Coverage

  • Familiarization with phase-coded pulse compression

  • Barker codes and introduction to side-lobes

  • Pulse compression ratio and signal-to-noise improvement

  • Matched filters, correlators and pulse compression processing

  • Near-perfect, pseudo-random, combined and polyphase codes

  • Longer codes, Golay codes and optimum mismatched filters

List of equipment

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