Alligator Clip TP-AC5


The Alligator Clip TP-AC5 is a small sized nickel plated steel alligator clip with color coding sleeve. The clip can be used on any measuring lead with 4 mm banana plugs. They can also be connected to a wire using a screw. The special construction allows to clamp both thin and thicker wires, up to 10 mm.


The Alligator Clip TP-AC5 - Set comes in a set containing 8 alligator clips: a green one, a blue one, a yellow one, a red one and four black ones. Alligator clips can also be ordered individually.


The table below shows detailed specifications of the Alligator Clip TP-AC5.

Each clip


Package Contents

The Alligator Clip TP-AC80I is delivered with:



The Alligator Clip TP-AC5 is available in 5 different colors or in one set of 8: