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Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW

High performance lab scope for the automotive technician

Key specifications

  • Differential inputs

  • 12, 14, 16 bit resolution, 0.3 % DC accuracy

  • Up to 50 MSa/s sampling, 50 MHz bandwidth

  • 128 kpoints memory per channel

WiFi connected

Using a computer based oscilloscope was never easier than with the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW: simply switch it on and start the software on the computer:

  • no power cables required as it is battery powered and can operate hours on a fully charged battery

  • no interface cables required as it uses WiFi to connect to the computer


This allows you to measure fully floating, fully isolated from your computer. The Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW can be placed near any test subject that may be hard to reach, or on moving objects, where wired connections are not possible.


Because the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW is not connected to the computer, there is no risk of damaging the computer.

LAN connected

When measuring in remote locations where a wired network is available, the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW can also be used through its LAN port. Measurements can then be performed from any location via the network, without having the computer to be close to the test subject.


Using its 1 Gbit LAN connection, the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW can achieve higher streaming performance than via WiFi.

USB connected

When wireless measuring or LAN connected measuring is not required or not possible, the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW can also be connected via its USB port. This gives the benefit of even higher streaming performance.

Network Connected


This powerful automotive WiFi oscilloscope combines fast sampling up to 1 GSa/s with high resolutions of 12, 14 and 16 bit and a large memory of 64 Mpoints per channel with four differential channels. Additionally, the automotive WiFi oscilloscope supports continuous streaming measurements up to 200 MSa/s.


The Automotive Test Scope ATS605004DW-XMS is delivered with SureConnect connection test and resistance measurement on each channel.

Rugged industrial design

The Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW features a rugged design. Its enclosure is fitted with rubber protectors at the front and the rear. These protect the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW against damage by mechanical shocks. The rubber helps absorbing shocks and protects the connectors at the front and the rear of the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW, these fall within the protected zone.

Additionally, the rubber prevents your Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW from sliding. The rubber protectors have special notches that simplify stacking instruments. Holes are included that allow to connect a strap to hang the instrument near the test subject.


Differential inputs

The Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW features four isolated differential input channels. This makes it the ideal instrument to perform measurements in high voltage circuits, amplifiers, switch mode power supplies, power inverters etc. No more risk of creating short circuits through your oscilloscope!

Connection test

The SureConnect connection test feature of the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW tells you immediately whether your test probe or clip actually makes electrical contact or not. No more doubt whether your probe doesn't make contact or there really is no signal.

This is useful when surfaces are oxidized and your probe cannot get a good electrical contact. Simply activate the SureConnect and you know whether there is contact or not. Also when back probing connectors in confined places, SureConnect immediately shows whether the probes make contact or not.

Resistance measurement

Many automotive sensors are based on variable resistors. Use your Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D in the resistance setting to test them, no more need to take a separate ohm meter. Resistance values can be displayed as a number, but it is also possible to display the resistance variation in time, in a graph.

Fully supported by ATIS

All features of the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D are fully supported by ATIS, the Automotive Test and Information System. Select a specific diagnostic measurement in ATIS, click the measure button and the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D will be completely setup for that specific measurement and ready to perform it.


Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW specifications

The tables below show detailed specifications of the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW.

Acquisition system

Resistance measurement

Sampling clock source


Multi-instrument synchronization

Combining instruments is only available when all instruments are connected via USB.
When instruments are connected via LAN or WiFi, combining is not available.


Power Requirements


I/O connectors

System requirements

Operating Environment

Certifications and Compliances

Package contents

Customer service

TiePie engineering instruments are designed, manufactured and tested to provide high reliability. In the unlikely event you experience difficulties, the TiePie engineering instruments are fully warranted for two years.

Package Contents

Package Contents

The Automotive Test Scope ATS610004DW-XMSG is delivered with:


Several downloads for the Automotive Diagnostics Kit ADK610004DW are listed below, including Multi Channel oscilloscope software, drivers and manuals.

Driver & Software

Manuals & Documents

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