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Current clamp TP-CC600

The Current clamp TP-CC600 is a current clamp that will allow your oscilloscope to measure electrical currents up to 600 Ampère AC/DC, with a frequency response up to 400 Hz. When measuring with this current clamp, there is no need to break a closed circuit or to affect the isolation.

The wide jaws allow performing measurements on thick conductors.

For measuring DC current, a simple to operate zero adjust button is available.

To connect the Current clamp TP-CC600 to your oscilloscope, a BNC to banana measure lead is required, which must be ordered separately. For oscilloscopes with differential inputs, the Measure lead TP-C812B is recommended. For oscilloscopes with single-ended inputs the Measure lead TP-BNCI-100 is recommended.

Order code: TP-CC600

EAN: 7423632935978




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The Current clamp TP-CC80 is delivered with:

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