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Electronics Training

Electronics Training

Nida Corporation offers several training platforms, all of which are customizable to fit the exact level of training required by your institution. Picking the right Trainer is easy if you know what subjects need to be taught. Please contact to discuss the Courseware, Trainer, and Card Sets that best meet your training needs.

Nida Model 110E Test Console

Nida Model 110E-1

The Model 110E Trainer is a single position platform that teaches core level electronics and specialized automotive subjects. This Trainer is an excellent choice for high schools and universities where lab time may be limited.

Nida Model 130ST Trainer

Nida 130ST Trainer

The Model 130ST Trainer is a three position, premier platform, used for hands-on performance based technical training. When combined with computer based courseware and customized circuit card sets, the transfer of knowledge and skill is guaranteed. This single Trainer can deliver basic hands-on subjects ranging from core level Electronics to advanced Avionics.

Nida Model 5050PLC Trainer

Nida Model 5050 Trainer

The Model 5050 Trainer is a stand-alone Programmable Logic Controller using the Allen Bradley Micro Logic 1200 series PLC.

Nida Test Equipment

Trainers Test Equipment

The Nida Training Systems do not require special test equipment. However, the test equipment shown has been tested with all appropriate lessons and functions as expected.

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