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Microwave Technology Training Systems (8090)

The Microwave Technology Training Systems are part of the Telecommunications Training Systems. They are complete, integrated package of hardware and courseware that allow students to perform experiments in microwave principles and practices. The systems include all power supplies, instrumentation, high-quality microwave components, and accessories required to perform the experiments. An oscilloscope, also required, is not included.

The system is fully operational and highly realistic; it reflects the standards and technologies used in modern microwave systems, making it a great training system. It provides students with hands-on experimentation in power measurements, the Gunn oscillator, detection of microwave signals, impedance measurements and matching, microwave optics, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Microwave devices and components manufactured from electroless-plated brass to standard X-band waveguide dimensions.

  • Waveguide flanges joined by patented precision quick fasteners, allowing rapid assembly and disassembly of microwave circuits.

  • A Gunn diode oscillator running at 10.525 GHz in continuous wave (CW) mode or amplitude modulated by a 1 kHz square-wave signal.

  • A crystal detector, thermistor, and slotted line used with the Gunn Oscillator Power Supply, Power Meter, and SWR Meter (standing-wave ratio meter) to detect microwave signals, measure microwave power levels, and take SWR measurements. The Gunn Oscillator Power Supply provides power to the SWR Meter and the Power Meter through connectors that align when these modules are stacked on top of the power supply unit.

  • Antenna Azimuth Indicator for accurate plotting of antenna radiation patterns.

  • Inductive and capacitive irises used to measure reactive impedance.

  • Three lenses, a metal plate, and a dielectric plate for microwave optics experiments.

  • A Storage Tray with foam liner to store all the microwave components.

  • An instructor guide designed to help instructors prepare the theoretical courses and laboratory periods of the student manual. The instructor guide includes introductory information, instructional plans, demonstrations, and presentation aids.

  • All student manuals and instructor guides are available as PDF files on a CD-ROM (Model 28113-A).

  • Uses rugged, high-quality components designed for educational purposes

  • Each component is identified with standard microwave symbol and part number

Topic Coverage

  • Microwave Fundamentals

  • Microwave Variable-Frequency Measurements and Applications

  • PIN Diodes, Microwave Tees, and Applications

List of equipment

Spare Part

Optional Equipment

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