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Nida Model 2100

Digital Multimeter



The Nida Model 2100 Logic Probe provides the student with an instrument for detecting, memorizing, and displaying logic levels, pulses, and voltage transients in mixed and single logic family systems. The 2100 detects out-of-tolerance logic signals, open circuit nodes, as well as transient events down to 50ns while providing the student with an instant high-intensity LED readout. Detecting pulses in digital logic circuitry is presented by Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), as well as the hardcopy text experiments for the Nida training programs. 


Input Impedance: 100K Ω 



Switch selectable 


Logic 1 (HI) 2.25V ± 0.15, 70% Vcc 

Logic 0 (LO) 0.80V ± 0.10, 30% Vcc 


Min. Detectable Pulse Width: 50 ns 

Max. Input Signal Frequency: 10 MHz 


Pulse Detector: High speed pulse train or single events (± transitions) activate 1/3 second pulse stretcher, light PULSE LED 


Pulse Memory: Switch selectable. Pulse or level transition detected and stored  until reset, keeping PULSE LED lighted 

 Input Overload Protection: ± 40V continuous 117VAC for less than 15 seconds 

Power Requirements: 5V Vcc @ 30mA, 15V Vcc @ 40mA, 30V max. with power, lead reversal protection 


Operating Temperature:  0° to 50° Celsius 


Dimensions: 6.05” L x 1.0” W x 0.7” D (15.37cm L x 2.54cm W x 1.78cm D) 


Weight: 3 oz. (0.85 kg) 


Leads: 24” (60.96cm) with color coded insulated clips 

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