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Nida Model 477

Digital Oscilloscope



The Nida Model 477 is a digital oscilloscope with a color LCD display. Major features include user friendly menu tree operations, compact size, ergonomic design, and convenient removable storage. The oscilloscope provides an excellent balance of performance for use with Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), hardcopy text experiments for the Nida training programs as well as for general troubleshooting. 


Vertical Channels:

Range: 2 mV/Div – 5 V/Div 

Bandwidth: DC – 50 MHz (-3dB) 

Rise Time: <7ns 

Input Impedance: 1 MΩ 

Input Coupling: AC, DC, and Ground 

Polarity: Normal and Inverted 

Horizontal Range: 1 ns/Div – 10 s/Div

Trigger Source: CH1, CH2, LINE, and EXT 

Coupling: AC, DC, HF rej, LF rej, and Noise rej 

Modes: Auto, Normal, Single 

Slope: Edge, +, – 

Power Requirements: AC 115V ±10%, AC 230V
+10%/-15%, 50/60Hz 

Accessories: User Manual, Power Cord, 2 Probes (x1, x10) 

 * The requirements listed are the minimum specifications for Nida learning content that requires the use of an oscilloscope. All Nida Model 477 test equipment provided will be of equal or greater specifications.

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