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Nida 5050PLC Trainer

Programmable Logic controller

The Nida Model 5050 trainer uses the Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC which includes a central processing unit with built-in 24 volt power supply, external communications capability, 12 input, and 8 output relays. 



  • Expansion capabilities through the use of plug-in circuit boards. 

  • Designed for individual learning with applications in group or self-paced environments. 

  • Unlimited instructional versatility. 

  • Supports automatic, remote, and multiple fault insertion. 

  • Curriculum provided in both hardcopy and computer assisted instruction. 

  • Chassis removable to permit designs for larger processes more specific to a particular industry. 

  • Fully automatic operation in CAI mode. 

  • Self-cleaning contacts. 


 In addition, the digital input module contains 16 input channels that are user selectable for voltage to support a variety of monitoring and controlling applications. Two user selectable analog inputs and outputs are provided in a single slot module. The expansion chassis includes Process Control and Process circuit cards. These two circuit cards simulate an actual factory temperature control process. 

Power, relay, TTL and analog input/output connections allow the student to receive inputs and control outputs to various external devices. The Model 5050PLC Trainer is designed with a computer interface module ofr programming the PLC using APS or RS Logix software and can be utilised as a stand-alone trainer or interfaced with the Nida PLC CAI software.

In the classroom or in the factory, the Nida Model 5050 PLC Trainer is the logical choice to enhance your industrial technology training program.


Primary Power: 

 110 VAC (0.6A max) or 220 VAC (0.3A max), 50/60 Hz switched controlled & primary fuse protection. 


DC Power Sources:

 +5V, -12V, +12V, +24V selectable power supply. 


Input and Output:

 BNC input and output, 9 & 25 pin serial ports, 12 input & 8 output relays, 16 TTL input channels,  2 analog inputs & 2 analog outputs. 

Operating Temperature:

 10 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius ambient. 



 18”W (45.72cm) 18”D (45.72cm) 9”H (22.86cm) 


  22 lbs. (10kg) 



 Sheet metal covered by flat panel matte finish. 

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