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Nida 110E Test Console

Skills-based Electronic trainers built for IT technology students

Introducing a training program designed to develop technical knowledge and skills.


Key Features

  • Fully automatic operation via computer interface to the student computer

  • USB or serial port interface

  • Automatic fault insertion and retraction

  • Input/Output BNC connections allow signal input and provides signal output to an external device

  • Automatic alarm sounds if malfunction is detected

  • Self-cleaning contacts to ensure a proper connection with each experiment card installation


The Nida Model 110E Test Console is designed to bring affordable core electronics training to a new generation of technical students. From the Electronics Technology classroom to distance learning applications, the 110E provides a safe and rugged platform for students to discover the fascinating world of electronics. With the 110E, beginning students explore the operation and characteristics of pre-built circuits while advanced students create, test, and experiment on projects designed to replicate real-world circuitry.


Coupled with Nida CAI, the 110E provides circuit faulting, automatic power supply, and monitoring capabilities in a wide range of technical subject areas. The 110E is the ideal platform to prepare students for advanced studies in Information Technology (IT Prep), teach automotive electrical systems principles and troubleshooting, or introduce students to core electronics. Incorporating automatic features to ensure student protection and safety, the 110E Console is the perfect choice for facilitated of remotely delivered programs. The Nida Model 110E Test Console the core level trainer for today’s core level training programs.

The Nida Model 110E Test Console provides students with a safe and reliable platform to analyze and explore the operation and characteristics of electronic circuits. Designed to support single position experiments, the 110E is suitable for the classroom and remote learner at the beginning or advanced level. The trainer serves as a computer-interfaced, current-limited, “smart” power supply for the Nida 130 Series printed circuit boards (experiment cards). Discrete voltages are used to activate the experiment cards allowing students to check, align, and troubleshoot operational electronic circuits using standard electronic test equipment.


Primary Power:

115 VAC (0.6A max) or 220 VAC (0.3A max), 50/60 Hz

switched controlled & primary fuse protection

DC Power Sources:

0 to –24 volts DC voltages & current up to 1 ampere

0 to +24 volts DC voltages & current up to 1 ampere

AC Power Sources:

12 VAC at 1 ampere maximum

Communications Link:

USB or Serial (9600 baud rate with stop bit

and parity check)

Operating Temperature:

50 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit ambient

10 to 40 degrees Celsius ambient


13”W (33.02cm) 10”D (25.4cm) 4.5”H (11.43cm)


8.3 lbs. (3.8 kg)


Precision formed & powder coated metal chassis

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