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The Differential attenuator TP-DA25 is a differential 1:25 attenuator, combined with a low noise differential measure lead. It is specially designed to be used with the Automotive Test Scope ATS610004DW-XMSG, Automotive Test Scope ATS605004DW-XMS, Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW, Automotive Test Scope ATS610004D-XMSG Automotive Test Scope ATS605004D-XMS or Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D, to measure high voltages like e.g. in electrical and hybrid vehicles.


Due to the differential inputs of the scope, a standard attenuator or attenuating oscilloscope probe cannot be used without introducing measuring errors. Instead a differential attenuator is required.


The Differential attenuator TP-DA25 can simply be placed directly on the input of the scope and the test probes directly on the 4 mm banana plugs at the end of the measure lead. The Differential attenuator TP-DA25 has a passive design and does not require a battery.


Differential attenuator TP-DA25 - 6A is Compatible With:

  • Automotive Test Scope ATS610004DW-XMSG
  • Automotive Test Scope ATS605004DW-XMS
  • Automotive Test Scope ATS610004D-XMSG
  • Automotive Test Scope ATS605004D-XMS


Differential attenuator TP-DA25 - 4A is Compatible With:

  • Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW
  • Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D

Automotive Differential Attenuator TP-DA25

  • 1 - 2 weeks from receipt of order.

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