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Lab-Volt Series Telecommunications Training Systems

This website contains information about Lab-Volt Series products. Following the acquisition of Lab-Volt by Festo Didactic in June 2014, Lab-Volt's range of products is referred to as "Lab-Volt Series".


Please contact to discuss your training needs.

Antenna Training and Measuring System

Antenna Training and Measuring System [PC not included].png

The complete Antenna Training and Measuring System includes a set of 1 GHz antennas, a set of 10 GHz antennas, an RF Generator, a receiving system, and the Data Acquisition and Management Software for Antennas (LVDAM-ANT).

Communications Technologies Training Systems


The Communications Technologies Training Systems are specifically designed for hands-on training in a wide range of communication technologies.

Microwave Technology Training System with LVDAM-MW


The Computer-Assisted Microwave Technology Training System is a complete, state-of-the-art microwave training program that includes data acquisition and instrumentation.

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