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The Milliohm Meter TP-MM3000 is an instrument that allows your Automotive Test Scope to measure small resistances with high accuracy.


The Milliohm Meter TP-MM3000 determines the resistance by running a current through the component and measure the voltage across the component.


Special Kelvin clips are used to perform a 4-wire sensing measurement. This is an electrical impedance measuring technique that uses separate pairs of current-carrying and voltage-sensing electrodes. That allows to make more accurate measurements than the simpler and more usual 2-wire sensing. Separation of current and voltage electrodes eliminates the lead and contact resistance from the measurement. This is an advantage for precise measurement of low resistance values.


The Milliohm Meter TP-MM3000 is particularly useful for checking and measuring the impedance of stator coils of electric motors.

Milliohm Meter

  • 1 - 2 weeks from receipt of order.

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