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Training Courses

When it comes to training, we like to keep things simple, our courses focus on functional skills underpinned by subject knowledge. A training course with iTP will leave your team with a foundation knowledge of the theory, backed up by strong practical demonstrations and exercises.

We aim to tailor our training to fit your requirements, which is why we have several flexible options available for delivering learning:

  • In our dedicated Training Classroom, just outside Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

  • With the modern learner in mind, technology aids both practical and theory learning for an immersive experience.

  • Virtually using Microsoft Teams and other interactive applications to bring the lesson to life for the student.

  • We can deliver training at your site in a fully tailored package.

"We don't usually get the opportunity to talk to experts who can answer technical questions in this area"

Frank. D
The Netherlands

Our Training Classroom is equipped with many of the products that we offer, giving students hands-on experience when attending a course with us. 

We take the focus back to developing a solid understanding of the subject, our six student class sizes are great for keeping learners engaged. We welcome teams with a facilitator and/or translator where necessary.

We deliver most of our training in the following areas:

  • Basic SONAR Engineering

  • Basic SONAR Operating

  • Introduction to RADAR Principles & Fault Finding

  • Introduction to Electronic Warfare

Contact today to discuss your specific training requirements. We can design and tailor any course to suit you.

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